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We rock!

The weather was sunny and bright, not a cloud in the sky—an auspicious day for Philadelphia’s 238th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Oh, except for one thing. On Sunday, March 9, someone mistakenly sent us the weather meant for Fargo, North Dakota. 

It was cold, cold, cold. How cold was it? It was so cold that the skyscraper canyon on the Parkway became an icy wind tunnel that had the crowds on the sidewalk scurrying off in search of a patch of sun or, better yet, a steam grate. So cold that the tiniest little step dancers were cranky and whiney before they’d even gotten to midpoint ofthe four-hour event, the oldest parade of any kind in the US.  So cold that hundreds of fine-looking Irish men were rethinking that kilt thing.  And some, that under-the-kilt thing.

But there wasn’t a soul there who wasn’t having a good time. Even those little dancers got their groove back every time the music cranked up, and especially when they hit the reviewing stand.  

Don’t believe us? Check out the pictures! We've divided them into six files so the slideshow doesn't take all day.

Philly Parade photos courtesy of irishphiladelphia.com

The Mass 

Want more? Check out these photos from our flickr friend, Chris Woods.

And these from self-proclaimed "frozen long-marcher" Margaret King.

Want some video, check out this page from our friends at irishphiladelphia.com. http://www.irishphiladelphia.com/video/phillyparade08

And Brian Lin posted his pictures on Flickr here http://www.flickr.com/photos/radiate2357/sets/72157604142938804/

And CBS3 Philly offers a video overview of the parade here: http://cbs3.com/video/?id=54016@kyw.dayport.com

Parade Pre-Party story and photos

Here are just the Pre-Party photos in an easy to view format on Flickr:

Past Photos
2010 Parade Photos
2009 Parade Photos
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